One of our first projects was this 1949 Farmall CUB. Originally sold by my Grandfather John Higginson in 1949

When we first got this cub from the original owner, it was running terribly. We wanted to use it a little before the resoration so we'd have an idea of what may need to be fixed on it.

The first things to be checked on the little C-60 engine was the carburator, spark plugs and ignition as well as the governor. The original owner had a spring connected from the throttle arm to the front of the grill so we assumed there was a problem with the governor. When the governor was opened it was well worn and a kit to improve it was installed.

After the quick fixes did not cure the problem a closer inspection of the engine was needed. Five of the total eight valves were sticking or seized. At this point it was decided to get right into the restoration seeing as the engine needed work anyway, we started there.

Heres a pic of the engine with new rings and freshly painted. The distributor was in good shape but we did some detail work anyway as you can see.

With the engine restored and complete, It was mounted to the freshly sand blasted chassis. You can see that the transmission had to be checked and we ended up changing all the seals for the reducer assemblies which have not installed at this point.

With a few more cosmetic repairs, the reducer assembly and the right fender was installed. The transmission was reassemled and installed as well as the seat and steering bar. With a coat of primer the chassis was awaiting the left reducer and fender and a fresh coat of IH 2150 Red

The next step was the repair of the front end. Despite it's simplicity, this part took a lot of time to prepare. There had been quite a bit of welding done on the Cub,from both spindle shafts as well as holding the inner and outer sleeves of the front axle. Unknown at this stage was that sand from the sandblaster had punctured holes in the fragile radiator core which had to be replaced.

At this point it was time to paint the chassis Red. Here Ian Higginson is shown putting the first coat onto the CUB

Here is a pic of the cub with the front axle re-installed

Nothing like seeing your project come together. Here is the cub freshly painted.

The view from the left rear. Just have to install the rear wheels, tinwork, instrumentation, hydraulics and electrical. And we were **Almost Done**. A few months later and we saw the end of this restoration.

When we first got the cub in September 1998, this is about the only thing it was good for, and look at it now !
There were many hours spent on this great project and every second was worth it !!

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